As a Leader…

Three Oranges – Dry Water (2016)

The debut record from Three Oranges, “Dry Water,” features compositions by bandleader and saxophonist Sam Greenfield. Exploring a myriad of influences, Sam brings many style to the forefront throughout the album, gracefully connecting the dots between jazz fusion, progressive rock, R&B, electronic, and classical music. On this album, Sam is joined by an all-star Philadelphia band consisting of John Swana (EVI), Chris Stevens (Trumpet), Nick Lombardelli (Trombone), Tim Brey (Keyboard/Piano), Josh Nussbaum (Guitar), Brian Howell (Bass), and Gusten Rudolph (Drums/Percussion). Together they create a unique sound that is easy to latch on to, and will surely have you going back for another listen.

“Dry Water” is available for download, streaming, and hard copy purchases on all major music outlets.


As a Sideman…

Queen Latifah  – Bessie (Music from the HBO Film)  (2015)
R. Kelly – The Buffet  (2015)
Eric Roberson – The Box  (2014)
Lotus – Jam on the River  (2015)
The Disco Biscuits – Crouse Hinds Theater  (2015)
Playstation Theater  (2016)
Shady Street Show Band – Revelry  (2016)
Amos Saint Jean – Elevate  (2015)
Neecee Trott – Just Neecee  (2016)