Three Oranges


Hailing from the dense artistic community of Philadelphia, Three Oranges draws from the vast range of music the city has to offer, and has emerged with a sound that creates new bridges between jazz fusion, progressive rock, R&B, electronic, and classical music, in a way that is very accessible to all types of listeners.

Three Oranges materialized in the Spring of 2015 as an outlet for 7 musicians to branch out of their normal comfort zones, and explore new territories of music. Comprised of some of the leading talent in Philadelphia, each member puts his own individual stamp on the music, ultimately bringing a unique blend and chemistry to the table. They have developed a large local following through their tight, high energy, and captivating performances. Their catalogue of intricately arranged original music is growing rapidly, and they continue to perform many shows throughout Philadelphia and the Tri-State area. Their debut album, “Dry Water,” is available for download, streaming, and hard copy purchases on all major music outlets.

“….it wasn’t out of character to host the fusiony good time offered by Three Oranges. The keys and guitar were funked up in classic fuzzy 70s style while the saxophone and horns out front topped it off with a dash of soul. These fellows know how to make a room hop. It was by far the biggest space of all the day’s venues, but the seats were already full and the outer floor space was also filling up fast. Dynamic they certainly are; predictable they’re not.”

– “All About Jazz” on Three Oranges’ performance at Center City Jazz Fest – 2016.

You can keep up with the latest Three Oranges’ news, shows, and videos on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Bandcamp. If you’d like to book Three Oranges for a performance, please contact Sam directly at [email protected]